Bishop Eliud Okiring Foundation



The vision towards social-economic status of the destitute under privileged mothers and AIDS/HIV widows is to enable them to earn income that will continually change their status in the community. Women are grouped, through out the four Districts. They are in turn encouraged to identify viable income generating projects. These small scale projects if viable and sustainable are funded by DEMCO and monitored by community business agents to ensure success. Projects include Poultry farming, dairy farming, grinding mills, shops, etc. The profits from the projects are shared by the women. By transforming homes economically through women support, the life of children will be changed and the entire community revived.


DEMCO supports small scale infrastructure such as simple home building for the very poor widows without shelters. DEMCO donates iron sheets, other building material and labor to repair and or build homes. We work with the government to ensure clean piped water reach these poor families as well as health care.

We intend to keep working hard to convince the Government and large Charities the importance of helping the destitute and empowering them economically and intellectually through education. We will fight to lower AIDS/HIV drugs prices and cost of healthcare to these suffering poor people in our communities.Type your paragraph here.


DEMCO has selected bright and impoverished high school orphans and it is supporting them by paying fees supplying other school needs through high school. Their education progress is closely monitored for success so that should they join college and get employed, they will in turn sponsor a child each from the organization. With support of partners like you we intent to increase the number of high school kids we support from 20.
Since Kenyan government offers free primary education, DEMCO is supporting over 80 AIDS orphans and underprivileged children in primary school through out the region. These kids receive school supplies, food, clothing, and medical care and parental care. The challenge of the children are identified and addressed quickly to ensure that they flourish.
Destitute women and AIDS/HIV widows are grouped in tens by DEMCO and encouraged to identify small sustainable income generating projects ranging for poultry farming, dairy, grinding mills etc. These projects once determined viable are funded by DEMCO and monitored through out to ensure their success. The profits from these projects are generously shared among the women to meet their daily needs. Communities are changed through wealth creation centered on women.

In western Kenya 60% the people live on less than a dollar a day. AIDS/HIV is a great disaster claiming at least 24% of the population. Able bodied men and women are gone leaving behind the children and the old with none to take care of them. Bishop Rtd. Eliud Okiring of Katakwa Diocese came across hundred of orphans and poor children suffering in all the 218 churches that were under his office. Women had nothing and were equally perishing.

In this small and extremely poor region, DEMCO sees a vision of intellectual society. By educating a few hundred bright destitute orphans and poor kids through high school, the society will be transformed by intellectual wealth. Destitute orphaned children through high school will transform the villages in the region by creating a pool of intellectual capital and drive economic growth. These kids, after graduating and getting employed will in return be permanent members of the organization by supporting one orphan each.

The under aged orphans and poor disadvantaged kids are spread all over the four district with a few living in the Bishop’s home. The needs of these kids are identified and promptly met. They are supported all the way to high school.